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There are two ways to unlock Nokia models ...

the first method, through M2Bus cable + software is described below...

the second method works 100 % with all Nokia models (all versions, all types). This version is described in the Nokia Flasher section!!

What is the software version of your handy?? ... type in *#0000#


Nokia 3210

Softwareversion 5.28 and older

nokall 100 KB *

Softwareversion 5.31

It ain't that easy but it also works - see below!
USE the following tutorial:


now take the board (without SIM & display) and look for the EEPROM

DOWNLOAD Nokia Tool034 *

Connect the phone with cable

Switch on your handy and connect Pin 6 + 7 with a piece of wire (two middle Pins on lower side of the EEPROM)

Press 'README' -> a funny IMEI is displayed

Press OPEN ALL lock 1,2,3,4

Repeat the step above about 15 times - then 100 % unlocked

Remove the wire + press OPEN ALL for the last time



Softwareversion 5.36

There is a unlock method wich works 100 %.

Repeat the method above till step 3

Take a needle or not isolated screwdriver and touch PIN 5 on EEPROM

Then we need a 10 kOhm resistance (OR just touch the heater or PC case with the other hand)

Press Readme -> funny IMEI is displayed .. 651:1:1:1:1:1:1 -> ONLY WITH THIS IMEI it works

If you get the IMEI above (this can last some minutes hard trying!) Don't waggle...

Then press OPEN ALL two times (wait a little between tries!) -> then the handy switches to yellow on the left side above.

Free PIN 5 and press OPEN ALL again.


Nokia 5110

Softwareversion 5.28 and older

Very easy unlock through the following file..

nokall 100 KB *

Softwareversion 5.28

OPEN THE PHONE with a Torx 6 Screwdriver till you can find the EEPROM. (picture)

Switch on the phone and connect PIN 6 + 7 with a piece of wire. (the middle PINS on the right side of the Eeprom)

DOWNLOAD the file Nokia Tool 034 *

Press Readme -> funny IMEI is displayed

Press OPEN ALL around 5 times

Remove the wire and press Open All for the last time



Softwareversion 5.29

OPEN THE PHONE with a Torx 6 Screwdriver till you can find the EEPROM. (picture)

solder a isolated wire on the PIN 5 (the right nether PIN in picture)

Lay the phone keyboard on, hold it and insert accu

DOWNLOAD the file Nokia Tool 034 *

Switch on the phone (keyboard can be removed!)

Start the Nokia Tool 034 / connect the phone with a cable

Connect a wire + 10nF condensater, end of contact -> earth

OPEN the Lock (2-3)

Remove wire from condensator, Press OPEN Lock again


Nokia 6150

Softwareversion older than 5.23

Just use the file below...

nokall 100 KB *

Softwareversion 5.23

The instruction is the same as 5110 v. 5.28 -> But solder it on!!

DOWNLOAD the file Nokia Tool 034 *

Swich on the phone - Press Readme

-> funny IMEI is displayed

Press OPEN ALL five times (wait a little between the tries)

Remove the wire and Press OPEN ALL again



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